Friday, July 31, 2009

12,700 mile update

Been a while since the intro, but the Focus is running fine. With 12,700 miles on its clock, heavy use of the A/C has brought its lifetime fuel economy average down to 32.4. That is well above its EPA combined average of 28 MPG. Wet weather has caused the sunroof to groan when opening; I'll ask the service guys to lubricate the tracks during its next oil change. Other than that the interior is holding up well. The ford sync system is causing some fustration, as it seems that after its update to have 911 Emergency dial which is required to be installed by the dealer, the voice system doesnt receive commands as well. It comes back with "I didnt understand you, please say again" when I simply say "USB" to play my iPOD.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello all!

This blog will be dedicated to the 2008 Ford Focus that I currently own. It will have information available to everyone about updates to Fords SYNC system, and what it is like to live with the vehicle. Mine has 11,6xx miles on it... ample time to allow the engine to break in and things to settle for more accurate information as far as fuel economy, fluid levels and life, and information concerning the power train. Stay tuned for updates, pics, and other information.